Electrode Steam Boiler 

An electrode steam boiler is a type of oiler where the steam is generated using nothing but electricity. No fuel used in these boilers. Electrode steam boilers are used to generate steam for the process purpose in many locations, an example would be laundies, food processing factories and hospitals.  There are two types of electrodes present in your gas boiler. 

  • Ignition Electrodes 
  • Flame - sensing Electrodes
The ignition electrode is responsible for creating a spark that will ignite the gas supplied by your boiler. The ionisation probe acts as a safety device. It is able to sense when there is a flame present in the burner. If it cannot sense a flame, it will turn the gas off to prevent the boiler from supplying gas that isn’t being burnt.

How does the Electrode Work In the Boiler?

The electrode in the boiler uses electrodes that are submerged into water. Electricity then flows through the electrodes to make contact with the water, vaporising it into steam and creating a renewable process of heat. This process does not just have to happen in water but any liquid medium that can happen between electrodes for example water, molten, glass and metals. This means that they can then be heated this way. 

Our electrode steam boilers are: 

  • Extremely compact (easily installed next to factory process equipment)
  • Operational in minutes
  • Almost 100% efficient
  • Environmentally-friendly 
  • Extremely clean
  • Very quiet

Our company offers a wide range of boilers that suit your needs. We offer nothing but the best. View our electrode steam boilers specifications and get in touch with us today

Model Description
KW @ 380V Kg/hr Amps KW @ 500V Kg/hr
ES20 200 300 300 260 395
ES40 400 600 600 520 785
ES60 600 900 900 780 1180
ES90 800 1200 1200 1040 1570
ES130 1320 2000 2000 1730 2625
ES240 2630 4000 4000 3334 5000

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