Calarifier System 

Calorifier System 

A calorifier is an indirect-fired water heater to provide hot water in a heating and hot water system. Indirect fired means the water heater does not contain a burner. It is a storage water cylinder with one or more heat exchanger coils which contain hot liquids (water or solar fluid). A direct definition of a Calorifier is an apparatus for heating a fluid (as water) by circulating it past usually steam-filled heating coils. The basic function of a calorifier is to retain thermal energy for later use and can supplement the heat source when demand is high or store heat when demand is high. 

What  is the difference between a boiler and a calorifier 

A calorifier does not contain its own burner but in the case of an indirect relies instead on an external source of heat, such as a boiler, heat pump or solar collector, to heat the water. An indirect calorifier is, quite simply, a water cylinder with a coil that is heated by an external heat source.
The advantages of having a calorifier is that calorifiers are used generally where hot water demand is not exceptionally high and a slower heat up time is sufficient to satisfy the hot water requirements. They are more cost-effective than direct-fired water heaters and no flues are required, but they can be more more prone to heat loss.
Calorifiers are often also called boat water heaters. The Hotpot range of calorifiers are also supplied with an immersion heater with a built in thermostat, meaning they can provide you with free hot water while motoring or charging the batteries.

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